The number of visitors

Total number of visitors ※including visitors to expos held simultaneously.

Date Number (number in 2016)
May 24 16,260(14,603)
May 25 15,528(13,077)
May 26 18,786(19,428)
Total 50,574(47,108)

The number of visitors to WTP 2017

Date Number (number in 2016)
May 24 3,760(3,233)
May 25 3,633(2,906)
May 26 4,193(4,916)
Total 11,586(11,055)


Information on top page and seminar page have been updated! 24/Apr/2017
May 25 will be WTP 2017 International Day! 13/Mar/2017
“5G Tokyo Bay Summit 2017” will be held at WTP2017! 04/Oct/2016
Report of Wireless Technology Park 2016 is available here. 21/Jul/2016

About Wireless Technology Park

Wireless Technology Park (WTP) is one of the biggest events in Japan focused on research and development of wireless communication technologies, consists of exhibition, seminars, and academic programs.

WTP assembles the latest products and technologies which are essential for research and development of wireless communications technology. Under the main theme, “5G & IoT -Creating New Value”, WTP2017 features the 5th Generation Mobile Communication System, the most advanced technologies for mobile communication and introduces various wireless technologies applicable to the Internet of Things (IoT) in “5G Tokyo Bay Summit 2017” and “Flexible Factory Project”, etc.

Come and see the latest trends of wireless technologies which will expand your business opportunities toward the future.

WTP International Day – May 25

More accessible and more satisfactory experiment for foreign visitors!

“WTP International Day” is planned on May 25 as an opportunity to present Japan’s latest technologies to overseas visitors as well to acknowledge technical trends and needs in the world.


On this day, English explanation will be available at major exhibition booths. Please check the exhibitors and the highlights on “Exhibitors & Highlights”. 


International Session Part 1 “Growing Expectations for Low-power Wide Area Network” 

In this session, representatives of the promoters of 4 major Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks; LoRa, NB-IoT, SIGFOX and Wi-SUN, will give presentations on each standard and participate in the panel discussion so that distinctive feature of each network will be revealed, and further clarification about LPWA networks’ technology can be gained.

International Session Part 2 “Presentations by Invited Speakers and Foreign Exhibitors” 

In this session, companies and institutions overseas in search of business partners in Japan will introduce their innovative R&D activities.

This year, Cambridge Consultants (U.K.), Sequans Communications (France), CEA-Leti (France), and Imec (Belgium) will be giving presentations on their unique topics. 

Business Matching

Support for business matching will be available. WTP international team will support your B-to-B networking with Japanese exhibitors. If you need our support, please consult with us by e-mail in advance to your visit. 

Contact us

Download the flyer on WTP International Day

WTP2017 Special Contents

The 5G Tokyo Bay Summit 2017

 “5G Tokyo Bay Summit TM 2017” will be held in WTP2017 as a special event to introduce the 5th Generation Mobile Communications System (5G). Supported by NTT DOCOMO, INC., a special pavilion and seminar will be set up, and latest 5G initiatives by major mobile operators and manufacturers in the world will be shown.  Expected use cases with new services and applications on 5G will also be presented in various demonstrations and seminars.

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Flexible Factory Project
- Drive IoT in the manufacturing Field by Wireless Technology

In recent years, wireless communications have received a lot of attentions for many applications at manufacturing. Flexible Factory Project is a verification project of wireless communication technologies to accelerate factory IoT through harmonization and stabilization as keys to control various and mixed wireless systems. At the booth, you can find our latest results, especially about how to apply wireless technologies into the management/monitoring at manufacturing.

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Location Service Pavilion
- QZSS, Indoor positioning, Location-based services -

Needs for application using location-based services have been increasing.
The launches of quasi-zenith satellites “Michibiki No.2-No.4”, Japan’s positioning satellites, are scheduled in 2017, and practical application of QZSS will start soon.

Meanwhile, experiments and trials of indoor positioning systems have been conducted in many places accumulating its results.
As the time approaches, when location information technologies will be fully utilized along with AR applications, etc., this “Location Service Pavilion” will show the latest technologies related to positioning through exhibition and seminars.

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Intelligent Transport Systems pavilion

Trends of research and development of Intelligent Transport Systems such as automatic collision avoidance system using obstacle detection by radar, driver assistance systems using inter-vehicle and road-to-vehicle communications by 700MHz wave, and autonomous cruise control system using telecommunication or sensor information will be introduced in the special area for ITS and seminars.

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WTP2017 Featured Technologies

  • The 5th Generation Mobile Communications System (5G)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Positioning
  • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
  • Offshore & Undersea Communication Technology
  • Telecommunication for Robots & Drone
  • Wireless Technologies and Systems for Factory use
  • Terahertz-wave sensing & communication