About Wireless Technology Park

Wireless Technology Park (WTP) is one of the biggest events in Japan focused on research and development of wireless communication technologies.
Consisting of exhibition, seminars, and academic programs of high quality, WTP assembles numbers of  motivated participants from worldwide, and introduces the latest technologies and trends such as 5G and IoT.
WTP is a great opportunity for you to expand the networks, to gather information, and to create new business and collaborations for leading the innovation.
We look forward to your participation.


5G (The 5th Generation Mobile Communications System) & Beyond 5G
IoT (Internet of Things)
Positioning technology/ Location services
ITS (Intelligent Transport System)/Connected Car
Wireless technology/system for factory use
Millimeter-wave/ Terahertz-wave technology
Radio communication under extreme environments (Underwater, Implantable devices)
Communications technology for robotics/drones


Early bird discount offered until 29 Sep 15/Sep/2017