5G Tokyo Bay Summit 2018  

ANRITSU CORPORATION , NEC Corporation , Ericsson Japan K.K. , Keysight Technologies Japan. G.K. , SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS JAPAN CO., LTD. , National Instruments Japan Corporation , Nokia Solutions and Networks Japan G.K. , Huawei Technologies Japan K.K. , FUJITSU LIMITED , Mitsubishi Electric Corporation , MediaTek Inc. , Rohde & Schwarz Japan

ITS Pavilion

Panasonic Corporation

Location Service Pavilion

ATR-Promotions Inc. , GIT Japan, Inc. , Ubisense Japan K.K

Flexible Factory Project  

Internet Initiative Japan Inc. , NEC Corporation , OMRON Corporation , KOZO KEIKAKU ENGINEERING Inc. , Sanritz Automation Co., Ltd. , National Institute of Information and Communications Technology , The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) , NEC Communication Systems , Fujitsu Limited


iDAQS Co.,Ltd.


•High Power Wide Band Amplifier Series
•Wide Band GaN Amplifier Series
・2.45GHz ISM Band Amplifier
•Various Miniaturized Amplifier Modules
•Distortion Compensation Power Amplifier
•Microwave/ Millimeter-wave Sensor Module



Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

Interplan Co., LTD.

■ New product
Multihop 920 MHz low power wireless module IM920s series.
- A maximum of five stages of multihop network can be configured, and stable communication is possible by the dynamic route selection function.
- Supports full mesh mode of up to 32 nodes and unlimited tree mode of nodes

■ LPWA wireless module
Communication distance 7 km or more. Adopted for various applications IM920 series.

■ Custom electronic equipment development & mass production
We have been involved in various projects, such as infrastructure related products that require high reliability, mobile devices equipped with Android OS, and measurement devices using wireless communication.
Focusing on the hardware and software development of microcomputers, we utilize the technical power and knowledge of analog, power electronics, charge control, wireless communication, CAN bus, low power, etc. to realize customer's idea.
 Location Service Pavilion

ATR-Promotions Inc.

NEC Corporation

(1) 5G. A Future Beyond Imagination.:We introduce the business concept of NEC that supports communication in the 5G era. In addition, we will introduce the specific requirements of social value creation utilizing the requirements of the network required for the 5 G era through demonstration experiments.
(2) NEC LoRa Solution (LoRaWAN Network Server):1. NEC provides the total solution in IoT service area from end-devices to higher layer application.In this exhibition, NEC will introduce a solution using LoRaWAN which is the next-generation IoT network standardization with concrete use cases. NEC will also introduce the LoRa partner program.
2. NEC has started providing a free verification environment to validate interoperability between partner's device/gateway and NEC network server for the purpose of activating the LoRaWAN market.
(3) FIDO Certified Client-Side Biometric Authentication Solution:Introducing NC7000-3A-FS, FIDO Certified Client-Side Biometric Authentication Solution. Our solution offers biometric authentication from smartphones / tablets, without sharing biometric details of the user to servers and service providers. Even biometric details never travel over the network.
We believe “Simple, Secure & Swift” authentication is required for various digital services (like: cashless payments using smartphone), which can be accomplish by NEC FIDO certified solution.
(4) Compact Antenna and Noise Suppression Structures:We exhibit a compact μSR®*1 antenna and a noise suppression structure μEBG®*2 for compact wireless equipment and noise reduction at GHz band. These technologies are based on metamaterials and realized by just drawing metal patterns on the printed circuit board. In the NEC booth, we introduce the technologies and demonstrate μSR® antenna and μEBG® components on board. *1 SR:Split Ring, *2 EBG: Electromagnetic Band Gap
(5) Real-Time Network Control Technology for Connected Car:NEC presents real-time network control technology enabling safe driving for connected cars. This technology allows vehicles to share information about their surroundings within 100msec even in congested network environments caused by numerous vehicles. Self-driving vehicles at intersections are able to avoid traffic accidents at blind site.

NEC Corporation

NEC Corporation



Ericsson Japan K.K.

OMRON Corporation

Kanagawa Prefectrure

Keysight Technologies Japan. G.K.




CORNES Technologies Ltd.



Sanritz Automation Co., Ltd.

CEA Tech



The Telecommunication Technology Committee (TTC)

National Institute of Information and Communications Technology

As Japan’s sole National Research and Development Agency specializing in the field of information and communications technology, the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) is charged with promoting ICT sector as well as research and development in ICT, which drives economic growth and creates an affluent, safe and secure society.

In WTP2018, we will exhibit the latest results from our research and development on technologies such as wireless networks, satellite communications, terahertz-wave communications/applications as well as IoT testbed and approaches for social innovation.

Our exhibits
- Wireless grid technology for IoT network diversification
- Wireless network technology for robot control (Drone control, massive machine connections & super low latency wireless access, Subsea
- Future optical satellite communications
- Maritime and space broadband satellite communications system
- Regional IoT infrastructure that realizes "local production of data" service
- Ultra high data rate wireless technology using terahertz-wave
- NICT integrated testbed provides support for IoT research and development and more.

National Institute of Information and Communications Technology

Flexible Factory Project is a verification project of wireless communication technologies to accelerate factory IoT through harmonization and stabilization as keys to control various and mixed wireless systems. At the booth, you can find our latest results, especially about how to apply wireless technologies into the management/monitoring at manufacturing.

GNSS Technologies Inc.

Central Corridor Council

Telecom Engineering Center

TELEC (Telecom Engineering Center) is a leading Japanese radio equipment certification and testing organization.
・Radio equipment conformity certification under the Radio Law
・Terminal equipment conformity certification
(comprehensive one-stop services through the Radio Law)
・Calibration service of measuring instruments as a designated calibration agency
・Certification test for Wi-SUN Alliance standard
(B route test, Enhanced HAN test, various PHY tests)
・Testing and certification for ECHONET CONSORTIUM standards
(Certification of ECHONET Lite, ECHONET Lite AIF test and certification)
・Testing of industrial facilities using radio frequencies
・Testing of extremely low power radio equipment
(designated testing organization for ELP mark)
・EMC/ Radio test for foreign countries
If you are considering the above, please visit our booth.

Royal Danish Embassy / Invest in Denmark

IDK(Invest in Denmark)will demonstrate Danish digitalization and its innovative projects using IoT, big data and mobile payment. IDK will also explain future 5G related solutions in Denmark at the booth.

The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)

The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) was founded in
1988 as a non-profit public-private partnership. It has research facilities in Kaiserslautern, Saarbrücken, Bremen and a project office in Berlin.
In the field of innovative commercial software technology using Artificial Intelligence, DFKI is the leading research center in Germany.
Based on application oriented basic research, DFKI develops product functions, prototypes and patentable solutions in the field of information and communication technology.
Research and development projects are conducted in eighteen research departments, ten competence centers and seven living labs.
Funding is received through grants from public funding agencies as well as from cooperation with industrial partners.



TOYO Corporation

Nissin Systems Co., Ltd.

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation

NTT will exhibit the following new wireless technologies:
・OAM (Orbital Angular Momentum) Wireless Multiplexing Technology that incleasing capacity by exploiting multiple different OAM modes.
・Millimeter wave systems using general purpose chips of 60 GHz band which realize stable transfer even in obstacles environment due to site diversity.
・Next generation wireless LAN systems that improves system throughput in high density wireless LAN environment such as stadium and event.

ETS-Lindgren Japan, Inc.

ETS-Lindgren provides high performance antennas and turn-key RF/Wireless/Automotive chamber solutions in standard and custom designs as well as RF and microwave absorber, multi-axis positioners, and EMQuest™ antenna pattern measurement software.
 Location Service Pavilion

GIT Japan, Inc.

GIT Japan is one of world leading Impulse UWB (Ultra Wide Band) development company. We offer competitive solutions from Chipset, Board Assembly, Antenna, Software and the System.
Current Focused Application area are,
1. 3D Real Time Location System
   - Less than 10cm accuracy
   - Ease of installation
2. Hybrid Location System
   - Indoor/Outdoor seamless localization
   - Robust connection by mesh network
3. Short Range Radar
   - Less than 1mm delta detection
   - Small form factor and low cost
4. Non-Destructive Defect Inspection
   - Defect detection of structure inside

Other than above, we are developing High Speed Data Transfer and Medical ICT Body Area Network utilizing UWB technology.
In this exhibition, 3D location System and Short Range Radar are to be demonstrated.
Product development kit and UWB module for system developers are also displayed.

Japan Telegartner Ltd.

Japan Telegärtner is a Japanese subsidiary of Telegärtner who manufactures connectors in Germany.
About mobile network business, we imported 4.3-10 connectors into Japan in 2013, which were standardized by IEC in 2017 and propounded about PIM.
Since then not only connectors, but we have been offering the other products also which are used for mobile network construction such as cable clamps, coaxial and optical fiber cables, and camouflage antennas, etc.
Our headquarter office is located in Germany therefore if the products are made for European and the other countries’ constructions,
to improve them to adapt for Japanese construction’s specification is also one of our important tasks.
We continue to offer information of the newest products targeted for world trend’s 5G and IOT to Japan over the future.
For this time our company exhibit , some kinds of new products such as inside and outside camouflage antennas, and small type connectors against PIM.

NEC Communication Systems

National Instruments Japan Corporation

NI software defined radios (SDRs) provide the design solution to rapidly prototype wireless communications systems, which leads to faster results. You can present applications with real-world signals such as multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) and LTE/WiFi testbed.

Japan Radio Co., Ltd.

Nokia Solutions and Networks Japan G.K.

Panasonic Corporation

 ITS Pavilion

Panasonic Corporation

Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

□IoT data collection solution with the radio multihop relay system of wide area origin
Collect various data from the many spots by letting you link radio multihop relay system of wide area that can build a communication area of number 10km origin and video transmission or Disaster prevention/reduction disaster crisis management system.

Huawei Technologies Japan K.K.

Boole Japan Co., Ltd.


Fujitsu will present various wireless technologies and solutions to realize Hyper-Connected World where everything is connected to the network, including
- Ultra high-density distributed antenna system capable of high-capacity communication for 5G
- MEC (Multi-access Edge Cloud) system, which provides ultra low-latency and high-security communication reducing load to the core network
- A highly reliable wireless network solution for manufacturing facilities and construction sites
- World's first low-power "millimeter-wave beam multiplexing technology", which enables simultaneous high-speed communication with multiple users

Fujitsu Limited



"iField indoor" indoor positioning solution
"iField indoor" visualizes movement of humans, vehicles, things(products, tools), machines in facilities such as factories, warehouses, plants, constructions, hospitals, and so on. By the work situation of the indoor facility is grasped by points, lines, surfaces, and body, the situation of the work is surfaced.


Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

MediaTek Inc.

 Location Service Pavilion

Ubisense Japan K.K

Lighthouse Technology and Consulting Co., Ltd.

Innovative challenges toward the future with Satellite Positioning.

Lighthouse is an engineering company with globally top-leveled technology for designing and development of satellite positioning systems, and is a consulting farm providing policy planning for satellite systems and technical support for application providers, manufacturers and users.

Our exhibition shall become an interest among numbers of lines of work, which deal with;
Positioning accuracy for autonomous driving and disaster prediction, better time-to-first-fix for UX of wearable receivers, long term battery operation used for logistics, receivers and softwares needed for the development and testing of those applications.

Please stop by.

-- Products and Services --

- Long Lasting Ephemeris distribution services

- Precise Point Positioning Services (PPP)

- L6 GNSS receiver and GNSS software receiver (SDR)

- Front End Processor for software receivers (Hibiki)

- Mobile GNSS Field Data set and Data Browser

Rohde & Schwarz Japan

YRP R&D Promotion Committee

Yokosuka Research Park (YRP) was established as an R&D hub specially focused on radio and telecommunications technology in the suburbs south of Yokosuka city, an area easily accessible from Tokyo, and celebrated its 20th anniversary last year.

Aiming for the worldwide development of the technology in this field, public research institutes and laboratories of leading domestic and overseas companies and university research laboratories gather in YRP, and a wide range of R&D activities, from basic to the most advanced, are being conducted. Nowadays, YRP also attracts research laboratories in new fields and industries.
In order to support those R&D activities in YRP, various forums are being operated to provide the opportunities for the discussions on new technology, and a number of events are held to promote industry-academia-government exchange and global cooperation as well as training courses for human resource development.

YRP continues making efforts to achieve its goals to create an omnidirectional open innovation environment where a large number of people, groups, and companies freely participate and cooperate for reform; to develop a “healthy, entertaining and fun YRP, where people come together,” where a work-life balance is possible in a nature filled resort environment; and also to widely disseminate the achievements and activities of YRP on a global scale.

Wireless Power Management Consortium

Wireless Smart Utility Network(WSN) Promotion Committee

WSN Promotion Committee have been promoting the use of Wi-SUN, which is one of the international standards of wireless sensor networks, and which is already deployed by smart meter advanced at more than 10 million units level. And further more we will be contributing the spread of wireless sensor network for IoT system. From 2017, we are promoting the "Hybrid LPWA Test bed" in Yokosuka City / YRP in cooperation with the test bed subcommittee of the Smart IoT Acceleration Forum. Started from the three systems of Sigfox, LoRa and Wi-SUN, we can provide the environment for wireless communication experiment in the completely same condition. In addition, IoT demonstration experiment in cooperation with Drone field operated by Yokosuka city is also possible. Through activities as a member of the IIC (Industrial Internet Consortium), we will also consider the global deployment of the Hybrid LPWA Test bed in Yokosuka / YRP.