Press room

For press

At exhibition hall

Pre-registration is not required for press. Please register on-site by submitting two business cards at the press registration desk to get a press pass. Please be informed that some exhibitors might have a restriction on photo taking.

At seminar room

Please contact the staff at seminar registration desk and submit your business card to enter the seminar room. Please be informed that, if the session is full with general audiences, media seats might not be prepared.
Participants from consulting companies, research companies, marketing companies, investment companies, advertising agencies/PR agencies are not regarded as press but general audiences.

Press kit

Event logo

ワイヤレステクノロジーパーク(WTP)2018 ロゴ ワイヤレステクノロジーパーク(WTP)2018ロゴ 小 

ワイヤレステクノロジーパーク(WTP)2018 ロゴ ワイヤレステクノロジーパーク(WTP)2018ロゴ 小

ワイヤレステクノロジーパーク(WTP)2018 ロゴ ワイヤレステクノロジーパーク(WTP)2018ロゴ 小 

“Wireless Technology Park (WTP) 2018 ” logo data

If you wish to use “Wireless Technology Park (WTP) 2018” logo, please save images above or download a Zip file below.
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Adding link to your website

There is no special restriction on linking WTP2018 website and your website.
However, we will appreciate to be informed of it.

To get information prior to the event

Please ask to the show management office for the latest information about the expo including inquiries about exhibitors and seminar schedule.


For any inquiry, please contact:
Wireless Technology Park 2018 show management office(c/o EJK Japan, Ltd.)

Postal Address : Landmark Shibakoen 7F, 1-2-6, Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011, JAPAN

TEL : +81-3-6459-0444
FAX : +81-3-6459-0445
E-mail :